General Meeting Agenda – Monday Apr. 30

Monday April 30th at 7PM there will be a general meeting for all participants interested in the Common Ground Community Garden at the Southwood Public Library.  At this meeting there will be presentations from the Design, Membership and Website groups detailing the evolution and progress of the garden to date.

There will be a representative from the City of Calgary present to comment on the design and the City’s participation in the garden.  At the end of the meeting, the new timeline for the site preparation and building will be discussed and scheduled.  Sign up sheets will be present for volunteers to help with the site prep and build days.

Coming Soon

Planning is well underway for a community garden at the Southwood Library. Calgary Public Library is excited to embark on this project with the Common Ground Garden Society (CGGS), a newly formed Not-for-Profit Organization. Drawn from interested community members, CGGS is actively working to establish and manage the garden.

Currently, garden teams are busy with Design & Layout, Financials and Membership. The initial design includes individual plots, a gathering place and a composting system. Site development is scheduled to take place in May with planting to begin in June!

This venture would not be possible without the generous donations of time and funds from Encana, the City of Calgary, the Calgary Garden Resource Network and countless community volunteers.

As this is a truly organic process, there is room for the growth of ideas as well as carrots, a place to sit and ponder or read, an opportunity to learn, to care and to share with one and all.