December Meeting

When: Tuesday Dec. 11th 7 PM Southland Library meeting room
On the Agenda:
– seed swap
– moving the herb gardens to obelisks to free up beds
– evaluation of the 2012 growing season
– nominations for 2013 executive
– Society calendar/time scheduler creation
– review of the Garden Angel role
– society mission statement

please find some time during the busy Christmas season to attend this meeting. There is a lot to cover in an hour but it will be important for pressing forward with the society and its role.

Minutes – Nov. 15th Meeting

Thanks to all that attended the meeting.  A lot was covered. See attached for a full copy of the minutes.  The major points of discussion were:

  1. We have 20 new requests for beds and only 3 non-renewals. Options are adding a couple of beds in the center area; re-allocating the herb and flower beds around the seating area; reducing the charity beds.  No decisions made at this time
  2. Improving communication with members and between garden angels and bed owners during the summer.  We are working on the communal e-mail list and having a notebook in the tool shed might solve these issues.
  3. Nicole has come up with 3 signs for the compost bins for explaining the composting procedure.  Joan has compiled a list of things to not put in the compost (see attached)
  4. Betty Jean has stepped up and taken responsibility for the social committee.  If anyone would like to get involved, please contact her.
  5. It was decided that there should be a meeting every month, on the fourth Tuesday, except for December, where that is Christmas day.  We are tentatively scheduled for December 11th.

A list of agenda items for the next meeting will be posted shortly.

Nov 15 2012 Minutes

November Meeting

Encana Common Ground Garden Meeting
Thursday, November 15
Southwood Library

1. Plans to Finish the fall cleanup: mulch, get rid of plastic composter,
2. Update from the membership team on responses to email re beds.
3. Plan next two or three meetings.
4. List remaining actions items needing to be discussed put on next meeting agenda along with needed by dates and person or committee responsible.