The Garden Mantra

This is a revisit of something D’Arcy submitted last year, but it is a great mantra for gardeners to remember that gardening is supposed to be fun, relaxing and a great source of community.  Have a great growing season.

Growing Fond of the Common Ground

Ten tips for ‘getting a little dirt on your hands’….

1.  Relax!

2.  If you are new to gardening, you have made a fine choice. You now have over 30 fellow gardeners sharing this experience with you. If something is not growing or you are confused about some basic gardening logic….just ask!

3.  Whether you are a newbie, or a weathered veteran gardener…you share the same desire to have the satisfaction of becoming a little more ‘grounded’ by the hands-on interaction with a little piece of nature. Fresh Salads!

4.   Be sociable….ask questions, visit, talk garden, bring a picnic lunch, (see: tip #1), enjoy admiring how the Common Ground is alive with people, growth & energy.

5.  Garden Angels are like gods from another planet. We come back to our plots & find them moist & happy…you never even know a few weeds have disappeared. Ignored plots are a weary, dry sight. Share your own inner angel….

6.  As you are encouraging your garden to grow, remember that includes talking to your plants. A loved garden is a happy garden and a fine meal hangs in the balance!

7.   Express your love by slowing down (see: tip #1), putting the hose on low & letting get a good watering throughout. Don’t splash water on your leaves during the heat of the day…concentrate on watering the roots and let your plants do their thing. (You’ll find it easier to weed when the roots are moist.)

8.  Now that you are in the swing of things….remember that there are a few shared beds (the bench areas & charity bed (#43)). Take a peek & see if they’re happy.

9.  Your fellow gardeners are happy to share seeds, bulbs, a hand & advice. It’s ‘the nature’ of the common ground you share.  A 4’ x 8’ plot only takes so much work.

10. Smile if your hands are a little dirty… know where they’ve been!

Page outage

Sorry about the website outage. I got busy and forgot to renew. Apologies and looking forward to another great gardening season filled with great tips and pictures.

Growing App available

Came across this post on the CalHort Facebook page.

It’s an app for the Iphone, designed in Australia, but apparently generic enough by plant species. Here’s the description from somebody that I am assuming is one of the creators:

this app was designed to be as versatile as possible. The nutrient deficiency ID tool is applicable to almost any plant or crop, as is the information on individual nutrients in plants and includes some crop specific information. The soil pH nutrient availability guide is also application to any field-grown situation. The app also includes foliar fert application rates for broadacre crops, tree crops and field veg, and also includes a range of crop specific fertigation rates.

Can someone with an iphone comment on whether this work for local plants and gardens?

Looking forward to a bountiful growing season  (once the snow stops!)

Additional Weekend attraction

From our garden member Lisa who is also involved in the local school garden:

Come see the Haysboro School Dream Catcher Garden at the Garden Show… The Community Garden Resource Network are showcasing us in their area this year. Yeah for growing little gardeners! See you all at the show or on the 20th for the work party.



Let’s support the  efforts of our fellow gardeners in their endeavours.  Stop by and say hi to Lisa.

This Weekend – Don’t Miss

A must for all of us amateur and seasoned gardeners. Do you have questions on what to grow in Calgary’s challenging growing climate? Unsure on optimum soil mixtures? Just want to learn more and meet other gardeners? Then you need to be at Spruce Meadows this weekend. See you there.

Celebrate the beginning of Calgary’s gardening season!

Don’t let the ‘white stuff’ fool you. It’s all about Spring, and Gardening. This weekend, April 13 & 14, join the CALGARY HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY at Spruce Meadows for their annual GARDEN SHOW! 9 am – 5 pm each day.

YOU CAN STILL GET DISCOUNTED TICKETS: Members’ only $10 at the door (valid membership must be shown), or purchase a membership on site (ticket pick up window) and save $5 on admission. Workshop registrations is available on site, if space is available.

Stop by Greengate Garden Centre on your way down and save $3 on admission. Limited quantities available.

For more information, go to:

Garden Rental Agreement and March Meeting Reminder

Now that Spring is officially here, our thoughts are turning to getting our gardens ready and planning our crops.  For both the returning members and the new, please take the time to review the Garden Rental Agreement, which lays out the rules for the community garden.  everyone will be asked to sign the agreement when paying their bed rental fee.

On that note, if you are able to attend the next meeting, this Tuesday, Mar. 26th, 7 PM at the Southwood Library, the membership committee will be there to collect fees for this year.  If you can not make the meeting, there is a locked drop box at the library front desk.  Please deposit a cheque or money in an envelope with your name and bed number on it into the drop box.

This month’s meeting will discuss some of the volunteer positions available (one of the requirements for renting), some options for composting and some of the Social Committee members will discuss some of the possibilities for the garden events.  If you have any ideas or thought on the garden that you would like to share with the other garden members, plan to attend the meeting this Tuesday, 7 PM, at the library.

Common Ground Garden Guidelines 2013

February meeting minutes

The meeting on February 26th was well attended.  Elections were held and all the vacant positions, except for Presiden,t were filled.  The list of returning members was confirmed and the open beds were freed up for rental.  Returning members that were present paid their rental dues.  All other return gardeners need to have their bed fee paid before, or at, the next meeting on Mar. 26th.  If you can not be at the next meeting, please e-mail to to make arrangements.  E-mails are going out to those on the wait list to offer them one of the vacant beds.

Thanks to Joan, our new Archivist, for producing the minutes.

February 26 2013 MINUTES

January Executive meeting minutes and January meeting agenda

In early January the society executive met to map out the direction for the society for the year and define the responsibilities of the executive positions.  This spring will be the elections for the executive for the coming year.  If you want to be involved in the society and have a say in the direction of it’s evolution or just to keep this good thing going, please consider participating, as several executive positions will be available.

Please read the minutes of the meeting.  We detail the executive positions and map out what needs to be addressed before the spring planting season.  At the end of the minutes is the agenda for the next meeting, 7PM Tuesday Jan 22nd at the library.

Executive Meeting