Garden Safety

The garden is located on the Southwood Library grounds and is a public space. We occasionally have vandalism. Please report (take a photo if possible) any vandalism to

If you find drug paraphernalia in the garden please contact the police non-emergency line (403-266-1234) or DOAP Needle Response Team (403-796-7388). The DOAP Needle Response Team has a trained crew that will come to collect used needles and other items on public and private property. Please also report it to the Library and so we are aware.

For general litter, bags and tongs are provided in the shed and there is a black bin nearby.

Covid-19 continues to require that gardeners observe provincial health protocols. Use of garden gloves and hand hygiene on high-touch areas (taps, hose nozzles, locks, and shed tools) is encouraged. Hand sanitizer is provided in the shed.

Please have someone else attend to your garden if you are feeling unwell.