CGGS Newsletter July 2021

Around the Garden Herb Garden  The herb garden is planted and is growing nicely. Please collect only the quantity of herbs you will use or about 10% of the plant foliage. Garlic! Garlic needs even soil moisture during the growing season but no extra moisture during the last few weeks before harvest. Hardneck varietals grow … Continue reading CGGS Newsletter July 2021

CGGS Newsletter June 2021

Welcome to the 2021 garden season  A warm welcome to our new members this year! Welcome Jayne M., Deborah V., Kendra W., Justine P., Amelia M., and Darci G..  The 2021 edition of the Common Ground Garden Society (CGGS) executive is: President – Stephanie N.  Vice President – Diana B.  Treasurer – Jenny H.  Secretary … Continue reading CGGS Newsletter June 2021

CGGS Newsletter November 2020

In the Garden Thank you! Thank you to the brave soul(s) who dealt with the wasp nest in the compost bin early this fall! Thank you to garden bed frame builders Jenny and Ed, gardeners Charlotte and Penny, and Joyce and Diana for helping with the repair of the wooden frames around two beds this … Continue reading CGGS Newsletter November 2020

CGGS Newsletter August 2020

In the Garden Thank you! Joyce S. purchased and her husband Brian installed the new sturdy hose reel in the middle by the library windows. Thank you so much! Things to do in August Herbs are available to all members! Collect only the quantity of herbs you will use or about 10% of the plant … Continue reading CGGS Newsletter August 2020

CGGS Newsletter July 2020

Safety Common Ground is a public space. We occasionally have vandalism in our garden. If you see vandalism, report it to If you find drug paraphernalia in the garden please contact police non-emergency line (403-266-1234) or DOAP team (403-234-7388). The DOAP Team has a trained crew that will come to collect used needles and other … Continue reading CGGS Newsletter July 2020


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