CGGS Newsletter – March 2023

President’s Message: Hello fellow gardeners! Allow me to introduce myself as I have recently taken on the role of President for the Common Ground Garden Society. I have been a member for about 4 seasons (currently at bed #20) and I’ve been the compost lead for the last two years. I live in Braeside and… Continue reading CGGS Newsletter – March 2023

CGGS Newsletter – January 2023

Spring Registration February 1,2023 Please remember there is a hard deadline for registration of February 15, 2023. (This means you will not be able to register after this date and your plot will be given to someone on the waitlist.) If you know you do NOT intend to garden this year, please drop us a… Continue reading CGGS Newsletter – January 2023

CGGS Newsletter – Sept 2022

Upcoming News Garlic, Cleanup, Kombucha, & Boomerang Table  Saturday, October 1, 2022 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Garlic For Planting & Eating Please email Jenny directly by Friday, September 23 if you would like some garlic.   General Garden Cleanup  Move compost into the middle bin, remove non-compostable items and chop large items. Remove and take… Continue reading CGGS Newsletter – Sept 2022

CGGS Newsletter – Spring 2022

Sage Advice: Succession & Companion Planting Succession planting staggers the harvest dates of crops to provide a steady supply and maximizes food production from limited space. Multiple crops also mitigate the risk of damage from pests and weather. The following is a sample succession plan that alternates cool and warm season crops to maximize the… Continue reading CGGS Newsletter – Spring 2022

CGGS Newsletter July 2021

Around the Garden Herb Garden  The herb garden is planted and is growing nicely. Please collect only the quantity of herbs you will use or about 10% of the plant foliage. Garlic! Garlic needs even soil moisture during the growing season but no extra moisture during the last few weeks before harvest. Hardneck varietals grow… Continue reading CGGS Newsletter July 2021

CGGS Newsletter June 2021

Welcome to the 2021 garden season  A warm welcome to our new members this year! Welcome Jayne M., Deborah V., Kendra W., Justine P., Amelia M., and Darci G..  The 2021 edition of the Common Ground Garden Society (CGGS) executive is: President – Stephanie N.  Vice President – Diana B.  Treasurer – Jenny H.  Secretary… Continue reading CGGS Newsletter June 2021


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