CGGS Newsletter – Spring 2022

Sage Advice:

Succession & Companion Planting

Succession planting staggers the harvest dates of crops to provide a steady supply and maximizes food production from limited space. Multiple crops also mitigate the risk of damage from pests and weather.

The following is a sample succession plan that alternates cool and warm season crops to maximize the short growing season in Calgary. Often poor growing conditions such as cold springs, summer heatwaves, or hail can cause plants to germinate and grow slower than expected and will require succession plans to be flexible! – J. Hamilton

For the complete article under Seed Starting, Click Here

In the Garden Lately:

Bed Replacement Spring 2022

On April 9 beds #4 and #5 were completely replaced and the West end of bed #3 was repaired.
Thanks to Nancy, Jim, Jenny, Ed, Jan, Dave, Jean and Wendy.
If you notice rotting wood or loosening screws in your bed please contact Nancy so your bed frame can be reinforced. The cost of cedar has almost doubled during Covid and we don’t have the reserves to replace more than a couple a year.

To help maintain the beds please grow any perennials such as chives, onions and asparagus or large annuals such as sunflowers away from the sides. Also do not use the bed frames for leverage when digging. – J. Hamilton

Inside view of rotted bed frames
New pre-built cedar frames
Nancy with a rotted end board
Dave and Wendy sifting out the rotted wood pieces
New beds #4 and #5 and new end on Bed #3

Compost Day – April 30, 2022

It was a great morning! Sunny – big turnout – at least twice the number in the photo, Jayne’s cookies were all gobbled up and Diana had coffee from Timmie’s. Lots of seeds from the box were distributed. Best of all Garden Retreat gave us 20% off the Seasoil which Nancy and the maintenance team loaded up. All beds had compost added ready for the new season.

Compost Day (J.Hamilton)