CGGS Newsletter – Spring 2022

Sage Advice: Succession & Companion Planting Succession planting staggers the harvest dates of crops to provide a steady supply and maximizes food production from limited space. Multiple crops also mitigate the risk of damage from pests and weather. The following is a sample succession plan that alternates cool and warm season crops to maximize the short growing season in Calgary. Often poor growing conditions such … Continue reading CGGS Newsletter – Spring 2022

CGGS Newsletter – Fall/Winter 2021

Upcoming News The Common Ground Garden Annual General Meeting and Spring Garden Registration are coming up soon. Keep an eye on your email for information. In the Garden Thank you! Thank you to the members who helped distribute the mulch in the garden in the fall of 2021. Thank you, Dave, Doris, Jayne, Jenny, Jim, Joyce, Mark, Maureen, Nancy, Penny, Shirley, Stephanie, and Suzanne! Kudos … Continue reading CGGS Newsletter – Fall/Winter 2021