Meeting Summary

Thanks to the 35 or 40 people who showed up at the library branch last night to get an update on the progress of the Community Garden.  It was great to see a few new faces among the many volunteers that have got us this far.

From the beginning, many of the participants have volunteered on one or more groups in the are of Finance, Design, Membership and the website.  Up coming there will be need for more volunteers to help in the site preparation and build groups.  If you were unable to attend the meeting and would like to help in either of these groups, please click on and submit your contact information.

There were status updates presented from each of the groups, and while much of the design is finished, there are still a few details to be finalized.  These should all be decided in the next week or so.  The prime concern was to try and maximize the number of beds available as there was a huge initial interest.  Much consideration was given to allowing space for accessibility challenged gardeners, designating some plots as open, community  beds, while still trying to keeps some aesthetic features.  To that end there is currently a small seating are under a tree and a larger seating area available for meetings or storytelling with library personnel.  Future enhancements will include more seating and flower beds.

[More images to follow]

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to submit them either on the Bed Request Form or on the contact page.

For a copy of the minutes of the meeting, APRIL 30 CGGS meeting minutes.