June 6th Meeting Minutes

Our meeting began at 7 pm on June 6th.

The watering situation was addressed and the following solutions have been implemented:

  1. The hose bibs in the shrubbery will be turned on during library hours for watering.
  2. The garden angel will keep the rain barrels full for after hour watering – this is important on the weekends especially, as the library will be closed on Sundays.
  3. Garden angels will also make sure the shrubbery along the side of the library and the grass in the seating area is watered.
  4. If you are going away on vacation please post a “PLEASE WATER” sign on your plot so that the garden angel can water your plants.

Most of our meeting focused on the “grand opening and dedication” of our garden – on Saturday, June 23, at 1 pm.

This will be attended by Encana officials, as well as our mayor, alderman and MLA.

We will be making milk jug watering cans – these can be dropped off at Lisa’s house, 103 Sinclair Cres.

These are the possible activities and the people taking responsibility for them:

  • Sign painting: Jan
  • Pinata: Darcy and Rob
  • Bocci Balls and Badminton: Chris and Nicole
  • Rock Painting: Sarah
  • Jelly Bean Race: Chris and Nicole

While the formalities will start at 1 pm, the rest of the afternoon will be more informal.  Feel free to bring squares, fruit etc.

A meeting has been called for Thursday, June 14th to finalize plans for this event.