CGGS Newsletter November 2020

In the Garden

Thank you!

Thank you to the brave soul(s) who dealt with the wasp nest in the compost bin early this fall!

Thank you to garden bed frame builders Jenny and Ed, gardeners Charlotte and Penny, and Joyce and Diana for helping with the repair of the wooden frames around two beds this fall. 


Garden Registration for 2021 

Common Ground usually has a fall registration for returning gardeners. Pandemic limits on gathering sizes and available space to safely gather requires us to roll with it and change how we do things this year. There will NOT be a fall registration for returning gardeners this year. Be assured that your current garden bed will be held for you until spring 2021. 

The Executive, Finance and Registration leads are working hard to have the registration process for 2021 be done online and remotely. This will include your contract, Garden Angel dates, volunteer position and hours and payment. Once the system is set up and tested, information will be sent to members to start the registration process for the 2021 season. Please be patient. It’s new for us all. 

If online registration poses a challenge for you, we will have you covered too!

If you do not wish to return in 2021, send an email to so we have an idea of how many new gardeners we can accommodate for the spring.

Winterizing your Garden Bed & Spring Compost

Plant material above the soil should have been removed by now. Some beds have sunflowers in them still and that’s fine for the winter. A layer of compost and mulch could also be applied to your bed if you are inclined. 

Plans are in the works for spring 2021 compost application. Information will be supplied in the spring.

Common Ground Annual General Meeting

Common Ground Garden Society has an annual general meeting (AGM) the first quarter of each year. The 2021 AGM will be held virtually. Details will be provided in early 2021.

Garden Bed Frame Replacement

The garden bed frames are starting to age out from normal use and the frames will be gradually replaced in the coming years. Take care to not use the wooden frame as leverage when turning your soil and this will help the frames last longer. If your garden frame is in need of repair, contact


Common Ground is a public space. We occasionally have vandalism in our garden. If you see vandalism, report it to

If you find drug paraphernalia in the garden please contact police non-emergency line (403-266-1234) or DOAP team (403-234-7388). The DOAP Team has a trained crew that will come to collect used needles and other items.

Covid-19 continues to require that gardeners observe physical distancing, good hand hygiene on high touch areas and patience. There are signs posted around the garden with guidelines to follow for everyone’s safety. Due to limitations on group size, garden events are cancelled until further notice.


Members wishing to send information for list-wide distribution can send an email to which will be forwarded to all members. Questions, comments and concerns in and about the garden can also be sent to