Garden Guidelines

Registration & Administration

  1. This Rental Agreement is for the period between April 1 and October 20, 2014.
  2. Plot rental fees are $20 for full bed and $10 for ½ size bed for the season and are refundable before May 15.
  3. You must have your garden bed planted by June 15 or it will be given to a gardener on the wait list.
  4. You must act as Garden Angel for one week during the summer.  During this week the Garden Angel will carry out the garden angels’ tasks as listed in the shed.
  5. Additional people participating in your garden bed include:____________________________
  6. Each gardener can rent only one garden bed and that bed is reserved for one season.
  7. If you garden one season you have the first opportunity to secure the same plot for the next year by registering at the fall sign-up meeting which will take place no later than December 31. 
  8. If you garden one season and fail to register at the fall sign-up meeting, you will be placed on the wait list in priority to new applicants and may then register at the spring sign-up meeting which will take place no later than May 15. 
  9. At the sign-up meeting you must pay the required fee, sign the Rental Agreement and sign-up to be a garden angel.  Registration cannot take place unless all three requirements are met at sign-up meeting. 
  10. You may have someone else attend the sign-up meeting for youprovided that all three requirements are met.  You must send a signed Rental Agreement with your representative as they cannot sign the Rental Agreement on your behalf.  FAILURE TO REGISTER AT EITHER THE FALL SIGN-UP OR THE SPRING SIGN-UP WILL RESULT IN YOUR NAME BEING MOVED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE WAIT LIST.
  11. You are not permitted to give your plot away.
  12. If you do not care for your garden bed (seeding, planting, weeding, watering, harvesting), you will be notified and the garden team will rent it to the next person on the garden waiting list.
  13. The garden team will assume you have abandoned the garden bed if you have not attended to it 7 days after they have made 2 attempts to contact you.  Your bed may then be reassigned.
  14. Gardeners must clean out and prepare their garden plot for winter by October 20.
  15. Gardeners may sign up on the white board in the shed to ask another gardener or the garden angel to water and harvest ripe produce from their plot when they are away.
  16. If any gardener does not comply with the Rental Agreement the garden team can re-assign their garden plot to someone on the garden waiting list.
  17. The terms of this Rental Agreement may be changed from time to time by the Common Ground Garden Society executive team and you will be provided notice of the changes.

Planting and Upkeep

  1. You must supply all seeds, seedlings, compost, tomato cages, gardening hand tools, and crop labels for your own use.
  2. Do not use synthetic chemical pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or fertilizers.
  3. Use finished compost for soil enhancement instead of animal manures because of E. coli health risk.
  4. You must keep weeds, garbage and litter out of garden and the paths around the garden.
  5. Water available in the garden may be untreated and must not be used as drinking water.
  6. Rain harvesting for edible crops is currently not permitted on public land due to health and safety concerns.  Rainwater harvesting is fine for ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees.
  7. You must deal with insect and weed infestations quickly and organically to prevent spread to other plots. For garden-wide infestations, the garden team consults the City of Calgary Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  8. You must not grow invasive plants species.
  9. During drought and water rationing periods, hand watering only can be used.
  10. You must follow composting and mulching guidelines as provided by the garden team.
  11. You can install trellises that are no taller than 4 feet and which are stable in all weather conditions. Neither trellises nor plants are permitted to shade other beds. You must minimize damage to beds when affixing trellises.


  1. Pick produce when it is ripe.  Only pick produce and flowers from the gardener’s own garden bed or from a community bed as directed.
  2.  Ripe produce that is not harvested after reminder messages will be harvested and donated to organizations assisting hungry families or tilled into the ground to enhance the soil.


  1. Respect other gardeners.
  2. Limit of one garden bed per gardener or garden family.
  3. No pets in the garden.
  4. Take responsibility for any non-gardeners accompanying you in the garden.
  5. Ensure that any children with you under the age of 12 are supervised.
  6. Do not smoke in the garden or permit any guests to smoke.
  7. Participate in spring and fall cleanups and other work parties as needed.
  8. Clean shared garden tools and put them back into the storage shed after using them.
  9. Join the Membership Team, Financial Team, Maintenance Team, Social Team or Communication Team or become part of the Executive. Please indicate your interest here:____________________________________________________________________


  1. All gardeners are invited to all social gardening times such as planting days, “Mingle and Munch” potlucks, gardening coaching sessions and other garden events. Information will be posted on the website and communicated to gardeners.
  2. Gardeners are encouraged to attend learning opportunities hosted by the Community Garden Resource Network of the Calgary Horticultural Society. 


  1. You agree to allow your contact information to be shared with other members of the society.