Garden Rental Agreement and March Meeting Reminder

Now that Spring is officially here, our thoughts are turning to getting our gardens ready and planning our crops.  For both the returning members and the new, please take the time to review the Garden Rental Agreement, which lays out the rules for the community garden.  everyone will be asked to sign the agreement when paying their bed rental fee.

On that note, if you are able to attend the next meeting, this Tuesday, Mar. 26th, 7 PM at the Southwood Library, the membership committee will be there to collect fees for this year.  If you can not make the meeting, there is a locked drop box at the library front desk.  Please deposit a cheque or money in an envelope with your name and bed number on it into the drop box.

This month’s meeting will discuss some of the volunteer positions available (one of the requirements for renting), some options for composting and some of the Social Committee members will discuss some of the possibilities for the garden events.  If you have any ideas or thought on the garden that you would like to share with the other garden members, plan to attend the meeting this Tuesday, 7 PM, at the library.

Common Ground Garden Guidelines 2013